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Rent a motorcycle in Europe

Can motorcycles be rented?

Yes. Motorcycles can be rented in many destinations worldwide. The great destination to rent a motorcycle is Croatia. Croatia and its surrounding countries have become a recognized tourist destination. To rent a motorbike in Croatia you need to have; a valid driving license, experience in riding motorcycles, and adventurous riding spirit. Split is the biggest city on the Croatian coast, and great starting point for motorcycle rides. Desmo adventure motorcycle rental has become a leading rental and touring company in Croatia. Desmo adventure offers rental and tours to all motorcycle lovers who wish to ride this beautiful area. Motorcycles are available for rent either at our office in Split, Dubrovnik, or any other place depending on customer request. Motorbike rental has growing interest since many of our customers want to have freedom to explore the destination on their own. When you rent a motorcycle, customers are also provided with riding gear and all the equipment they may need. When we receive your request for motorcycle rental, we make sure we deliver the bike and the model requested. Our motorcycles are carefully maintained at authorized dealers and insured for touring and boarder crossing. Process of renting a motorcycle is very easy on or website at, or even over the email or phone. Our employees will make sure your request is met, and help you with any other need you may have while riding in the foreign country. Motorcycles can be rented for specific period depending on customers needs. Pick up and drop off location can be arranged prior the arrival of customers. Hotel and airport delivery are often a desired drop off destinations since it suits our customers the best. Even the business of renting motorcycle is great, we believe joining our motorbike tour is even better experience to explore the area.

How much does it cost to rent a motorcycle in Europe?

Cost of renting a motorcycle varies on the specific motorcycle model and period of riding. Prices from 77 Euro/day go for based models of Suzuki Vstrom 650. While more luxurious motorbike models like BMW or Ducati start from 120 Euro/day. Desmo adventure offers the great value for money. Here at Desmo adventure we only offer the best and the latest motorcycle models on the market. Price of rental motorbike includes all the riding equipment like, top case and side cases, GPS, phone holder and charger. Helmets and riding gear can be rented at our office in Split or Dubrovnik. Also, full insurance, damage and theft insurance is included in price. Having said that, no matter where you go or what happens while you travel your motorcycle is fully insured. Lower price for Suzuki Vstrom doesn’t necessarily mean you get less for your money. Even though the Suzuki is a cheaper motorbike to rent, it also offers a great value to our customers. Depending on the riding style and milage, our customer choose what motorcycle is right option for them. More luxurious options of bike like BMW R 1250 GS and Ducati Multistrada deliver bigger size bike and more comfort. Renting a new model of BMW R 1250 GS offers more comfort and more safety while riding. The motorcycle is equipped with latest technology. The technology itself has greatly improved safety and driver’s satisfaction. Different drop off destinations also include a 100 Euro delivery expanse. Most of the drop off location in Split and Dubrovnik area are free of charge.

Is it safe to rent a car in Croatia?

It is safe to rent a car in Croatia. Croatia is part of European union, and it is completely safe. In 2013 Croatia has became a member of EU, and it serves at proud member. Even though there are many car rental companies, we recommend renting a motorbike while in Croatia. It is better to rent a motorcycle while in Croatia. By renting a motorcycle in Croatia and not renting car, you will avoid huge traffic and long waits. Also while riding a motorcycle you will be able to explore every piece of Croatian coast and its islands. Desmo adventure is recognized company with thousands of satisfied customers. Having said that it is safe to rent your vehicle in Croatia with Desmo adventure motorbike rental. Company has been serving customers since 2017, and it’s is completely safe to rent with us. We offer Corona discount for our customers and even security deposit return if due COVID-19 you are not able to attend your ride or tour. Having that said, you can be safe that if you can not come to ride with us for reasons due COVID-19 travel restrictions your money would be returned to you. Our staff is vaccinated, wears gloves and masks, keys and motorbike seats are sanitized, and other Corona precautions are implemented. Or you can reschedule your vacation for different period as it fits you. Out team here at Desmo adventure is here to provide you with the safe and extra-ordinary experience. We hope to meet excellent people and make a new friends.

Is there an app to rent a motorcycle?

Desmo adventure offers a platform where you can rent a motorcycle in just a few simple clicks. Our platform offers direct booking in just few steps. There you can choose among many motorcycles from our fleet which fits you the best. Our booking platform is more suited for customers who want simpler way of booking motorcycle. When you pick an choose your rental motorcycle with Desmo adventure you will get confirmation voucher/invoice on your e-mail address. Just like an app, on the platform you will be able to choose among many equipment we offer to our customer. It is an easy step to choose everything you may need while riding. Helmet, side cases, GPS, gloves, pants and jacket are just something you may need for your ride. Also while riding you will have complete support by Desmo adventure team. Having said that, it means you will never be left stranded in unknown territory. None the less, our platform also offers you route options and tips for riding the Croatia and surrounding countries. Just like an app, when you pick and choose your motorbike, you can also do a check in documents prior to the arrival. Which means, prior the arrival you will be able to fill the check in form without any hustle in the office. So the process allows you get your keys and the equipment, hop on your bike, and hit a road in matter of minutes. It is similar with check out, once you return the bike you are pretty much ready to continue with what ever you have next on the schedule.

How much is motorcycle insurance per month?

Motorcycle insurance for rented motorbikes does not come cheap. Even though, insurance companies charge a lot for premiums, Desmo adventure fully insure their bikes. It is important to have a full insurance while riding since accidents happen. With Desmo adventure and its insurance you can be care free while riding. The reason why is so you don’t worry about breaking the expensive motorbike and have a liability of damages. Motorcycle insurance cost varies depending on motorcycle model and price. Usually, the monthly insurance for rental motorbike goes from 100 Euro/month to 200 Euro/month. The higher the price of motorcycle is, the insurance tends to be more expensive. With Desmo adventure, you don’t have to worry about theft of damages to the motorcycle since our motorcycles are fully insured. Riding foreign countries can be unknown territory. Full insurance offers you care free vacation and better experience. Having that said, riding Croatia and surrounding countries, you are covered with road assistance no matter how far you ride. Desmo team is available 24 hours for any assistance you may need.

How much is to rent motorcycle per day?

Desmo adventure offer competitive prices and wide variety of motorcycles. With large fleet of motorcycles, you can pick and choose from the wide price range and motorcycle models. The most affordable rental with Desmo adventure is reserved for Suzuki V strom. Suzuki V-strom is available as low as 80 Euro/day. Premium luxury motorcycles like BMW R 1250 GS and Ducati Multistrada tend to mere expensive. BMW and Ducati go as low as 110 Euro/day. Different price comes with different specification of the motorcycle. Premium motorbikes like BMW offers, ESA computer, riding more, Dynamic pro, road, rain, and Enduro pro. BMW R 1250 GS is the top notch the BMW motorrad has had engineered. Price includes new model of motorcycle, full riding gear, motorbike equipment like top and side cases, GPS, phone mount and charger. As already mentioned, full insurance is also included in motorbike rental price. There are no hidden costs while renting with Desmo adventure. You also get complete support from Desmo team. Desmo adventure team is ready to assist you with any of riding routs and tip for destinations, restaurants, beaches and more… Besides the motorbike rental, Desmo adventure offers wide range of motorbike tours. Our tours last from one day to 14 days, all depending on customer needs and desires. Our tours are carefully constructed and offer the best Croatia represents. We value our customers and try to show them the best Croatia and its surrounding countries can offer. In order to get a clear picture of motorbike renal cost per day we need to include brand new motorcycle mode, full equipment, and friendly Desmo adventure team behind you riding adventure. With everything included, we believe Desmo adventure offer the most value for the money. It has been proven with numerous happy customers. Most of our customer became a life long friend and we believe our value lies in it. There are many options when it come to motorcycle rental but the extra-ordinary experience is what matter the most.

 Can I rent a motorbike without the license?

In order to drive legally in Croatia, you need to have a valid motorcycle license. It is against the law to ride a motorbike in Croatia without the license. Having said that, Desmo adventure requires you to have not expired valid motorcycle license. If your license is valid in your home country with specific category, you are welcome to rent a motorcycle in Desmo adventure. We require you to fulfill minimum form of license which Croatian law requires. In short worlds said, if you have a valid category in your home country, you can ride a same category motorcycle in Croatia, as you would in your home country.

Can you rent a motorcycle from Harley Davidson?

Desmo adventure had Harley Davidson motorcycles in the fleet. Due to specific terrain, weather conditions and riding distances we don’t offer Harley Davidson. Since terrain in Croatia is mainly hilly, roads twisty, and weather tends to be very warm during the summer season we excluded Harley Davidson Iron 883. Harley Davidson tends to be to heavy, bulky and uncomfortable for riding roads in Croatia. Also, our customers find hard to carry personal items in Harley Davidson casings. BMW, Ducati, Suzuki, Triumph motorcycle models offer better touring specifications then Harley Davidson offers. Most of our customers tend to explore Croatia on the motorcycle. In order to see more and get further, you need to have top and side cases while riding. Harley Davidson did not offer much space for our customers, and they found it hard to tour around and not be able to carry a load while riding. Since Harley Davidson is air-cooled motorbike, in summer periods heat from the engine overheats our customers and experience become unpleasant. With all this mentioned we focused on building our motorcycle rental fleet for motorcycles more suited of this area.

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