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When do I need to pay for my motorcycle rental?

Reservations are made in advance in order to secure preferred bike for requested period. We do ask for 30 % of total booking cost for the reservation of the bike. The remaining 70% of balance is to be paid upon the arrival at the Desmo office.

What kind of license is required to rent from Desmo adventure?

License to ride our motorcycle in Croatia, surrounding EU countries, or any countries surrounding Croatia (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia…) require full A license which allows you to ride unlimited power and engine size motorcycle. International license is not required as long as you have unlimited motorcycle license back in your home issuing country.

Does Desmo adventure offer any discounts on rentals?

Discounts are available depending on the period of rental period, the length of the rental period, or discount calendar presented by Desmo adventure. Also, group rides provide you with 15 % discount for groups with 4+ motorcycles rentals.

Does Desmo adventure have rain suits available for rent or purchase?

At our office we are happy to provide you with rain suits or any other riding equipment. In order to reserve your equipment, we encourage you to make a note while requesting the reservation of the motorcycle in order to secure particular riding gear waiting for you at the arrival.

Does Desmo adventure offer helmets with speakers, microphones, and two-way communication?

We do not offer helmet two-way communication systems. But we are happy to help you get one at some of our motorcycle equipment store suppliers.

What is Supplemental Liability Insurance?

Supplemental Liability Insurance protects the renter and the passenger with third party liability coverage. We currently only offer Supplemental Liability Insurance that covers up to $300,000 USD (equivalent).

Can customers drop off their bikes after hours?

Yes. We encourage our customers to return their rental bikes during business hours in order to close out their reservation and avoid additional charges that may occur when a motorcycle is unaccounted for. Any extended rentals and returns beyond business hours have to be arrange prior the pick up.

Are customers welcomed as walk-ins?

All locations are open to walk-ins during their respective business hours.

Do you offer bikes with backrest and saddlebags? Which bikes?

All bikes offered by Desmo adventure have option of riding with full luggage gear. It includes, top case (back rest), two side metal cases by Givi outback trekker. Also some bikes can have a trunk case.

Do you offer Jacket rentals?

We offer jacket, pants and boots rental as well as helmet rental. There are different sizes and you are welcome to choose your size at our change room at Desmo adventure office.

Does Desmo adventure offer airport pick-up?

Yes. We do offer airport pick up from Split airport of Dubrovnik airport. For rental periods 6 days and longer we offer free airport pick-up and drop off. Same for group of 4+ riders.

How does the security deposit (credit card authorization) work?

We do require 1500 Euro security card deposit. At the check in we pre authorize your credit card in order for you to return the bike in same conditions as taken. Security deposit is canceled when bike returns after rental period. Damage in excess of 1500 Euro is covered by insurance. Also, insurance covers theft damages.

Can I have the motorcycle delivered to my home, hotel, or other location?

Yes. We do deliver bikes to requested destination. It is all available upon the specific request.

Can I add additional riders to my rental?

Desmo Adventure allows you to change bikes on your ride with your fellow riders.

What is the minimum age requirement to rent from Desmo adventure?

 We offer rentals to all guests 20 + years of age. Scooters are legal to ride for customers 18+ with a valid ID.

Do you offer helmets and other gear?

We do offer helmets, jackets, gloves, phone holders, phone chargers for the motorbike, top case, side cases, and trunk case.
Helmets come in different sizes, we offer full face helmet, flip up helmets, and open face helmets. Helmets are new and carefully cleaned after each rental period.

Is there a secure place for me to store my luggage?

Yes. We do offer luggage storage in our office. It will be safe and secure as you ride the area.

Does Desmo adventure offer One Way Rentals?

Yes. Desmo adventure offers one way rental. Different rates apply according the arranged drop off location. With offices in Split and Dubrovnik we make an ease drop off place in either of the cities.

What happens if I get a flat tire?

With flat tire accident we are always ready to help and assist. Our rental motorbikes are equipped with new tires and regularly maintained. But if a flat tire occurs, we are ready to assist. Depending on the coverage the flat tire can be fixed on customer expense or Desmo adventure’s expense.

What is your fuel policy?

Our motorbikes are full of fuel before each rental. We expect to have them returned with full tank of gasoline. If returned less than full tank we will do refiling the tank for you for the fee of 40 Euro, and 60 euro for BMW r1250gs adventure.

Are Desmo advenute rental motorcycles equipped to allow us to power items such as GPS, iPod®, or other devices while we are riding?

Yes, our bikes are equipped with phone and gps holders, as well as cigarette charger for the phone or gps. This means you are set to ride long distances while charging your phone or gps.

How are rental rates calculated?

The renal period is calculated by daily period of 24 hour. It means the minimum rental period is 24 hours. One rental day is based on a 24-hour rental period starting from the time of pick-up. No refunds for early motorcycle returns are granted. If you pick up the motorbike at 11:00 a.m. it is due back by 11:00 a.m. 

What are your hours of operation?

Pick-Up and Drop-off Time of rental motorcycle is accepted during rental location business hours. Our working hours are from 8 AM – 6 PM. After hours pick up and drop off has to be communicated with Desmo adventure office to arrange the time. After hour pick up drop off has a fee of 25 euro.
Late Charge: A 25 EURO per hour penalty is assessed if the motorcycle is returned late from scheduled drop off time.

How are mechanical breakdowns handled?

Desmo adventure provides you with a 24-Hour customer service and help telephone you can call for immediate assistance. Desmo team will make arrangements to have the motorbike repair shop to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our motorbikes are new and regularly maintained, which offer you reliable ride, but if malfunction happens, we will be there to help you.
If breakdown happens due to your fault caused above regular wear and tear, cost of towing and repair will be charged to a renter.

Are the side saddlebags and storage on motorcycles lockable?

All of our motorcycles are equipped with top and side cases. We offer Givi trakker cases for our bikes. The cases are already included in price. Top Givi Traker case holds a volume of 58 liters, with side cases of 37 liters and 48 liter. Also we offer trunk case for 5 euro/day.
Am I able to take my ⦁ Desmo adventure ⦁ rental motorcycle across international borders?
Yes. Our motorbikes are insured for border crossing which means you completely covered in surrounding countries.

Do you rent GPS systems?

We do offer a GPS system, you can choose from Garmin GPS, or even GPS with route options carefully planed by Desmo adventure team. Our GPSX navigation is filled with numerous riding routs carefully picked and planed so you get to see the best Croatia has to offer.

What is included in the rental?

Rental includes motorcycle with top and side cases, phone holder, phone charger, insurance. Additional equipment is available for rent in our office.

What gear do I need?

Helmet is required by law in EU and surrounding country. We recommend wearing protective gear like motorcycle pants and jacket, boots, gloves…

What is covered with roadside assistance?

Roadside Assistance Coverage provides towing and roadside assistance by an Desmo adventure approved vendor if your motorcycle becomes inoperable. We recommend to purchase road assistance to have a care free ride and vacation.
In purchasing the Roadside Assistance Coverage, we will waive the cost of any approved tow or road side assistance service unlimited. These services are only covered during the duration of your rental agreement and end on the date and time that your contract notes Date/Time Due In.
If you have not purchased the coverage and need Roadside Services, you may be charged for services rendered.

What if I am under 21 and trying to rent a motorcycle?

For our younger customers we offer smaller engine scooter as long as they have a valid license.

What happens if I lost my rental motorcycle key?

We expect you to cover the cost of replacing the motorcycle key. Depending on the motorcycle model prices for replacing the key are from 150 – 300 euro for some contactless keys. Also the cost of delivery of the replacement key to desired location will have to be covered by the renter.

How do refunds of security deposit work?

Security deposit is mandatory for each rental. Security deposit is credit card pre-authorized at the day of the motorcycle pick up. At the end of the renal period and the motorbike drop off we release the funds back to the customer credit card. In some cases, it may take time for funds to be released, it depends on banking system. But 99% of time, security deposit is canceled at the time of the drop off. Any possible damages the motorbike, traffic violations, loss of the equipment, or fuel missing is charged to security deposit.

What if the weather is too unsafe to ride in?

In the case of the bad weather, we issue voucher for different riding period which you are able to use in more convenient moment and motorbike availability with Desmo adventure.

What happens if I need to cancel my ⦁ reservation ⦁ ?

Desmo adventure requests 30% of total cost as a reservation amount. The remaining amount should be paid at the pick-up time. In the case of no-show Desmo adventure keeps the full amount of paid reservation.

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