Desmo moto tours Chianti area

Dates: 21.08.2022-31.08.2022 10 nights/11 days

Motorcycles: BMW r 1250 GS Adventure HP, BMW r1250 GS Adventure Exclusive, BMW r1250 GS
40yr Edition, BMW r1250GS Blue, Ducati Multistrada V4 2022, KTM 890 adventure 2021

Countries: Croatia (Islands, coast ride, Plitvice national park, Istria), Slovenia (drive thru), Italy
(Venice, Alps, Verona, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany)

Start and finish: Start in Split, Croatia. Finish in Florence Italy. (Better and cheaper option, then Split
round trip)

Accommodation: 3-4* hotels (depending on destination), villa in Tuscany

Activities: Private boat ride on Pag island, visit national parks in Croatia and Italy, vine tasting in
Istria and Tuscany, Parmesans cheese factory, Ferrari Factory, museums in Florence, vineries in
Tuscany, cooking classes in Montepulciano, city walking tours in Croatia and Italy. 

Inclusions: Motorcycle for the trip, accommodation for 10 nights in 3-4* hotels, 10 breakfasts and 9
dinners/lunch, soft drinks, coffee and water (breakfast at the hotel or villa, dinners will be carefully
picked at famous restaurants in our destinations), support vehicle with 7 seats for pillions if needed,
2 tour guides, airport transfer, private boat tour in Pag, admission to Plitvice national park,
admission to Ferrari museum, one way trip, return of the motorcycles back to Split, kasco and third
liability insurance, 24-hour technical support, 

Not Included: airfare, beer and wine, riding gear, fuel for the trip & road tolls (ferry ride to Venice),
cooking class in Tuscany, souvenirs, shopping and personal spending, admission to museums.

Price per person: 3500-3900 Eur/person (price varies due to some accommodations not available to
book until beginning of 2022)


Trip from Split to Pag island (4-hour ride, 280 km)
Country ride, Pag island ride, private boat excursion, night out.

• Breakfast in Split.
• 09:00 Our ride starts. Via Cetina river spring. Drive through Croatian country roads toward
Island Pag.
• Arrive at Pag around 13:00 a clock, check into hotel.
• Private boat excursion at 14:00 until 19:00. Lunch on the boat.
• Dinner at 20:00
• Night in town

Motorcycle tour island Pag

Highlights: Amazing roads to PAG island (many cars’ brands com to film commercial in Pag),
old town of Pag, private boat excursion in the after noon with lunch and drinks we go
exploring beaches.

Trip from Pag to National Park Plitvice (4-hour ride, 180 km)

• Breakfast in Pag
• 10:00 we start our tour toward National Park Plitvice
• Mountain crossing and arriving at National Park Plitvice
• Hotel check in at 14:00.
• Visit lakes and walk the national park
• Dinner at 19:00

Motorcycle tour Plitvice lakes

Highlights: We ride island of Pag where we take a 45 min ferry to main land, ride across
mountain range toward Plitice, walk and visit Plitivice national park (one of the most beautiful
national parks in South-East Europe, visit Željava military base.

Trip from National Park Plitvice to Istria (5-hour ride, 250 km)

• Breakfast in Plitvice
• 10:00 we star our tour toward Istria
• Visit bear habitat in a village in Kuterevo, at National Park North Velebit.
• Ride National Park North Velebit
• Ride Adriatic coast – one of the best roads for motorbike riding.
• Lunch in Opatija
• Ride toward Istria arrive at the hotel at 18:00

Visit village of Kuterevo

Highlights: Visit village of Kuterevo and wild life resort of brown bears, drive through North
Velebit national park to Adriatic coast route. Adriatic coat motorcycle route is a true heaven
for motorbike riders. (it is Disneyland for bikers), ride Istria (most visited Croatian region),
Visit Pula and old roman Amphitheatre.

Trip from Istria to Venice (4-hour, 300 km)

• Breakfast in Istria
• 10:00 we start our tour toward Venice
• We pass through Slovenia and ride country side of Slovenia
• Visit Palma nova shopping center
• We arrive to Venice hotel at 15:00
• Visit the San Marco square and channels of Venice and have a dinner

Motorcycle tours Rovinj

Highlights: Visit Rovinj, drive through Slovenia to Italy, quick stop in shopping town of
Palmanova Italian favorite shopping destination, after noon and evening in Venice.

Trip from Venice to Verona (5- hour ride, 250 km)

• Breakfast at the hotel
• 10:00 we start our ride toward Lago di Garda
• Visit Monte Baldo and Lago di Garda. Have a Lunch at the lake.
• Arrive at the Verona at 17:00
• Dinner out in Verona

Motorcycle tours Lago di Garda

Highlights: Lago di Garda and Monte Baldo peak, we will ride the Italian Alps and famous
lake of Lago di Garda, evening in Verona, visit the amphitheater, Romeo and Juliet house
and streets of Verona.

Trip from Verona to Firenze (5-hour ride, 320 km)

• Breakfast at the hotel in Verona
• 10:00 we start a tour toward Firenze
• Visit Parmesan cheese regions of Emilia-Romagna
• Visit Ferrari Museum in Modena and have a ride in Ferrari at a street of Modena (optional)
• Arrive in Firenze at 18:00

Desmo adventure Museum of Ferrari

Highlights: Museum of Ferrari, we will find out about history of car making as well as F1
racing, Parmesan cheese factory, evening in beautiful Firenze, walking the old town and
getting a feel for it. Next day we will dig deeper into renaissance and its history. Dinner in
famous restaurant Bucca Mario with a famous meal “bistecca fiorentina”.

Firenze day 2. (3-hour ride, 100 km)

• Visit down town Florence and learn about renaissance history
• Visit the Basilica di Santa Croce (over 15,000 people are buried there, among
them Michelangelo, Niccolò Machiavelli, Galileo Galilei but also famous names from
modern times such as Enrico Fermi and Guglielmo Marconi. And, of course, the basilica was
an exceptional artistic workshop in which labored the most celebrated names in the world of
• Climb famous Il Duomo
• Walk the Ponte Vecchio
• Motorcycle ride through Chianti and Tuscany area with the lunch at La Cantinetta Di Rignana
• Return to Florence for a night out

Desmo moto tours Firenze

Highlights: Explore Firenze and learn about its history, renaissance, art, literature,
architecture, banking, technology have ruts in Firenze. We will climb Brunelleschi il Duomo,
visit David by Michelangelo in Accademia Gallery, visit palace di Medici, learn about Medici
family which shaped the world we live in, visit famous church of Santa Croce, Santa Croce
church holds the tombs and monuments of world famous: Michelangelo, Machiavelli,
Galileo Galilei, Dante Alighieri, Marconi and many more. We will walk famous Ponte Vecchio.


Trip from Florence through Tuscany to Asciano Tuscany (3-hour ride, 150 km)

• Breakfast in Florence
• 11:00 We start a tour toward the heart of the Tuscany
• We ride Chianti area (Rada in Chianti, Grave in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti)
• Along the way we stop for wine tasting and vinery visits
• 15:00 We arrive in our Tuscany villa in Asciano area
• After noon in villa, enjoy time at the sun patio and the pool
• 20:00 dinner out in down town Asciano

Desmo moto tours Chianti area

Highlights: Ride the Chianti area, taste and buy Chianti wine, stop at the small villages along
the way, take a photo at the vista points, but the best parts is to ride the mall roads which
take you up and down the beautiful hills of Chianti part of Tuscany. We will have a lunch at
La Cantinetta Di Rignana, one of the most beautiful restaurants in that part of Italy.

Trip from Asciano to Sienna, Pisa, San Gimignano (day trip, 12 hours. 300 km)

• Breakfast in villa
• 10:00 we start our day trip toward Pisa
• Ride toward Pisa leaning tower
• Visit a small-town San Gemignano on the way to Siena and have a lunch at Ristorante
• Late afternoon we arrive to Siena where we discover and learn about Siena
• 21:00 we arrive back in villa where we enjoy the evening outside.

Siena and San Gimignano

Highlights: Time we will see two most beautiful Tuscan towns, Siena and San Gemignano,
and also Pisa leaning tower (Pisa is not so beautiful town but tower is fascinating), walk the
streets of San Gemignano, on the way back we will explore Siena, walk the streets of Siena
and have wine on the main square, rest of the evening we will enjoy villa with the pool and
barbeque outside.


Trip from Asciano to Montepulciano, Orcia valley, Castelone di Orcia and south Tuscany (day trip,
200 km)

• Breakfast in villa
• 10:00 we start our trip to Montepulciano and southern Tuscany
• We ride Tuscany hills and arrive at Montepulciano for a visit and vine tasting
• 14:00 lunch and cooking classes Locanda Demetra & Montalcino Cooking School
• Visit Castelone di Orcia and Orcia valley
• 20:00 return to villa for a farewell dinner and party

Desmo moto tours Montepulciano

Highlights: We visit Montepulciano while riding the beautiful hill of Tuscany. We walk
Montepulciano and taste famous Vino di Nobile wines, very famous wine for the area. We
along the hills of Tuscany we stop at the cooking school to learn a bit more about Italian
cuisine. After cooking school, we ride the hill of Orcia valley, famous scenes from Gladiator
movie. We visit picturesque cypress road. The road will take us to beautiful village Castelone
di Orcia where we spend late afternoon. The evening we spend in villa with farewell party on
the pool area.

Trip from Asciano to airport

• Depending on the flight schedule we will arrange the day
We recommend flying out of Italy. Closest and most convenient airport would be Florence Airport,
Peretola. Depending on the flight times we would arrange the transportation to the airport.

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